• Military Memoirs: A historical overview of the genre from the Middle Ages to the Late Modern Era 
  • Colonization, Conquest, and the Suppl of Food and Transport: The Reorganisation of Logistics Management, 1780-1795 
  • British Army Manoeuvres and the Development of Military Aviation, 1910-1913
  • Distinguishing between Shell-shocked Veterans and Pauper Lunatics


Book Reviews 


  • A military history of the English Civil War 
  • Scottish soldiers in France in the reign of the Sun King 
  • War, State, and Society in Mid-Eighteenth Century Britian and Ireland 
  • The Age of Total War, 1860-1945
  • Warfare State: Britian, 1920-1970



War in History (Vol 14, No 3) 2007